Friday, August 22, 2014

Newborn Health Information Terms for Mothers- The Ortolani Sign or Maneuver for Hip Dysplasia

The Ortolani Maneuver is a test that is used by pediatricians with newborn babies. The Maneuver can give either a positive or negative sign. A positive Ortolani sign is an indicator that the pediatricians look for in infants if they suspect a developmental problem.

The Ortolani Maneuver is used to test for developmental dysplasia of the hip and is performed as part of a baby’s first examination. Hip dysplasia in newborns is more common in girls than boys.

It is more common for the left hip to be affected. Most babies who are born with this disorder can be successfully treated.

In order to do the Ortolani Maneuver, the infant being tested for hip dysplasia must first be placed in a supine position. If a “clunk” is heard when the maneuver is performed, it indicates that the hip is unstable.
Source:, "Developmental Hip Dysplasia",

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Useful information on this test for young children


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